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are the people who cause the chem/con trails Christians? how come we never had any flights on Christmas

are the people who cause the chem/con trails Christians? how come we never had any flights on Christmas?
I haven't seen in any Con/Chem trails in the skies in the Inland Empire(Corona, Riverside) on Christmas. I was just wondering how is it possible no to cause any Chem/Con trails for the airplanes, is there an on/off switch to make the clouds disappear and have a beautiful sky for one day? Do the people who cause this have a very Christian heart who give us a beautiful christmas sky? Please do not argue about the Chem vs. Con trails. whatever they are they exist(except for christmas) so please let us know where you live and if you believe the Pilots who fly these airplanes are Christians or not? thanks "execrable charlatans." i love that! the point is almost yours my friend i will just let other people read this before I finalize it! So even the Satanic Pilots get the Christmas day off! haha so funny I know see out my window that the sky is so messed up, it only takes a few of them to say "Go Fuck yourself" we are not doing this anymore. We will go public! "Contrails being formed from the hot exhaust of the Merlin engines in these two beautiful P-51 Mustangs." Wow so is that why we have a Grid pattern above our heads every morning when the sky is clean and right after the skies are so fed up! and "pilots are professionals" wow? is that why they pull dangerous stunts above our heads with a criss cross pattern? hmmmmm why does it have to start with an X ? we all know that that is the center of the grid in every city! do you guys have any idea how much tax dollars are wasted to make "cute looking" and "unharmful" "Contrails" in the skies". Where were those contrails on the Christmas day? I'm very surprised there weren't any! dear atheist Pilot if you can manage to leave a permanent contrail which will last for the rest of the day and mess up the sky I will pay for your gas and get castrated! your crap won't stay longer than 30 mins whether it's vaporized or frozen. why don't you follow one of those high altitude airplanes and take a picture of it and see the stupid spraying with your own eyes! do you want me to show you a picture of the Denied sprayings? So how come I didn't see any contrails on Christmas and they were all over the sky in grid pattern before and after christmas? wow I'm not 6 years old Contrails are not persistent. And most of the douche bag Pilots were off that day enjoying their so called Christmas. show me proof that you can create permanent contrails without spraying anything in the sky
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I too haven't seen any condensation trails above my home for over a week. Haven't seen the blue skies during that time due to perpetual overcast. No such thing as chem trails. I have yet to read or hear from anyone what kind of chemicals are being allegedly released into the skies. See this little video below. Contrails being formed from the hot exhaust of the Merlin engines in these two beautiful P-51 Mustangs. Aircraft have been producing contrails as soon as they were able to fly high enough. Bringing religion into your question borders on being either misguided to being downright stupid. Pilots are professional aviators. There is no switch they throw to turn on/turn off con trails. After reading your responses, I will offer this bit of advise. "Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." No more arguing with you.
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I can't let Con/Chem trails's misinformation and misguided arguments about narcissism go by without comment. If you disagree with my claim that Con/Chem trails can't, for the life of it, understand why anyone would prefer so much as one minute of solitude to the company of an unrealistic gang of selfish pests, then read no further. The theoretical fallacies in Con/Chem trails's litanies run deep. Think I'm exaggerating? Just ask any of the most valuable members of our community and they'll all tell you how I've repeatedly pointed out to Con/Chem trails that opposing its quasi-polyloquent plans for the future actively and earnestly is the moral duty of every good human being. That apparently didn't register with it, though. Oh, well; I guess we've tolerated Con/Chem trails's uneducated convictions long enough. It's time to lose our patience and chill our kindness. It's time to review the basic issues at the root of the debate. It's time to shout to the world that its protests manifest themselves in two phases. Phase one: make bargains with the devil. Phase two: judge people based solely on hearsay. Con/Chem trails fails to comprehend and practice the articles of its charter. More precisely, it conveniently forgets its charter's principles of peace, love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness—or, at best, misremembers them as an edict to displace meaningful discussion of an issue's merit or demerit with hunch and emotion. It seems that no one else is telling you that it looks like however varied or profound the explanations underlying our sense of moral values may be, questions of Con/Chem trails's motivation and intent are compelling. So, since the burden lies with me to tell you that, I suppose I should say a few words on the subject. To begin with, Con/Chem trails is an inspiration to besotted knuckle-draggers everywhere. They panegyrize its crusade to devalue me as a person, and, more importantly, they don't realize that if I have a bias, it is only against sadistic dipsomaniacs who make mountains out of molehills. Those of us who are too lazy or disinterested to advocate social change through dialogue, passive resistance, and nonviolence have no right to complain when it and its attendants sacrifice our essential liberties on the altar of political horse-trading. The only weapons Con/Chem trails has in its intellectual arsenal are book burning, brainwashing, and intimidation. That's all it has, and it knows it. I happen to believe that if I were to compile a list of Con/Chem trails's forays into espionage, sabotage, and subversion, it would fill an entire page and perhaps even run over onto the following one. Such a list would surely make every sane person who has passed the age of six realize that I strive to be consistent in my arguments. I can't say that I'm 100% true to this, but Con/Chem trails's frequent vacillating leads me to believe that I avoid the worst kinds of yawping sods there are like the plague. That fact may not be pleasant, but it is a fact regardless of our wishes on the matter. This screams of the old belief that what I call self-absorbed, intemperate meanies are merely execrable charlatans. Do give that some thought."
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There's no such thing as chemtrails. All the trails you see are condensation trails, consisting of water (as ice or as liquid), just like clouds. There are condensation trails on Christmas just as on any other day, since there are flights on Christmas. The trails and the flights exist whether or not the pilots are Christians.
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Without contributing to the stupid argument over this as I am a pilot myself, there is no trigger for these trails. As it may be, we use approach and departure plates into and out of airports, to keep traffic in a nice neat flow for Air Traffic Control. These charts also have altitude restrictions on them. As you may know, the higher you get the thinner air gets, this causes the fuel vapors to condense and crystalize at high altitudes, leaving these trails. That being said if you live in a certain area, where these charts bring us below a certain altitude, you wouldn't see any trails. And no, I'm an Atheist.
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Yes, virginia, there is an on off switch. Only christians on christmas are allowed by the company to switch them off. Therefore causeing the rest of us to believe that there are no flights on christmas. This is the day that they turn the lights off also.

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