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Does any one have a word processer that would tell me how many words this is Pleaseeee

Does any one have a word processer that would tell me how many words this is Pleaseeee?
Here is the story just coping and pasting should do the trick please help I reely don't want to count all of these I took off my shoes, earrings, bracelet, cellphone, a couple of pennies, and placed them in the grimy bin. I walked along side it till I entered the metal detector. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Oops, I forgot a ring. As I removed it from my finger I was approached by a burly security guard who, despite my protests, pulled me over to the side to have me scanned by a smaller dectector. When he was finished I finally got to proceed to my bin, pick up my metal belongings, and head to my terminal Flight 49; Chicago. The over head intercom was telling us to report any suspicious activity. What a hassle flying had been since 9-11. You couldn't run to the bathroom with out it being a threat to national security. The next thing the intercom announced was the boarding of my flight as all the passengers stood up and headed on board. The flight attendants instructed us on safety measures and off we went. The plane landed at about nine at night. I called a taxi up outside of the airport front. "Riverside Lane please," I told the driver, as we started the drive. "Miss, that will be a twenty please," the driver informed me as he pulled up to the curb. I handed him the cash and exited the cab. Unfortunately, I was a bit off on the address. I clutched a little tighter to my purse that held pepper spray that my dad had made me bring going into a big city. A man passed by walking his dog and I was automatically on guard because of my night surroundings and this stranger. I hated how suspicious I was of every man that passed. They could be perfectly nice people but I still reached my hand in my purse every time a gentleman passed. After a few blocks, I had reached my destination. My best friend's, Lexy, house. I rang the doorbell to the house and waited impatiently. I heard the familiar sound of a dog barking, someone shouting "Door!" and quick, graceful footsteps bounding down the stairs. All these sounds I had heard before just at a different door front, a different city. Lexy's blond head popped out from behind the door. Her lower body trying to move her dog from the entryway. Her blue eyes shimmered as she set off in a fit of excited shrieks and squeals. "Oh my gosh, I thought you were coming on Monday! I'm so glad you came early. We have more time to catch up. Come in, come, in there is so much to tell you. For once I can't wait till Monday. The principal approved your visiting," she told me with a smile. She then proceeded to drag me up the stairs where she yelled for her brother, Troy, to come and grab my bags. The smell of her mother's spaghetti mixed with candles that were constantly lit welcomed me as we caught up on what had occurred since she moved to this enormous, exciting city. Before bed we made plans of visiting Chicago's Mall the next morning. "Wake up, wake up! We need to get ready. My mom wants to drop us off in less than a half an hour," she explained shaking me. "Okay, okay I'm going," I grumbled. After our scramble for ponytails, makeup, and clothes was over we plopped into the car singing on our way to the mall. Smoothies in hand we set to explore the amazingly huge mall compared to the small city one's I was accustomed to. "Is it way different?" I asked her. "Completely, you have to walk through a detector just to make sure you don't have any weapons," she replied. "It's way weird to have the teachers not trust you at all. Not even enough to let you use the restroom during class. It isn't the greatest but I can understand where their lack of trust comes from," she replied with a sigh. "Really, why don't they?" I asked curiously. "The gangs that are all over the school. Some hide it, but others show their symbols proud and clear. It makes all the teachers nervous. They've had shootings there before." she told me. The "Latin Kings" are the biggest gang. I hope that Troy won't get into any of that. They are bad news," she explained to me. We turned our conversation to lighter topics as we roamed around. Lexy and I stopped in lots of stores but made our last stop a cheap jewelary with lots of small items.A store clerk in her mid thirties approached us, "Can I help you girls with anything?" she asked us. "Uhm no thank you I think that we're just looking around," we replied. "Alright well I am sitting right there so I can see if you think you want to try the five finger discount out," I myself was shocked at the women's mistrust and rudeness but Lexy seemed somewhat unaffected and kept browsing. As we left the store I wondered what we did to deserve that women's mistrust. I did not have too long to ponder it though for Lexy suddenly grabbed my arm in a death grip as we were leaving the mall. "That's them, The Latin Kings, bad news? Remember?" "And oh my gosh, Troy is with them." I couldn't grab on to her as she ran over to Troy and confronted him. "So this is what
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910 words
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i hope you know the story just cuts off........ anyways, what you do have is 910 words. =)
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910 - according to Microsoft Word

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