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NYC cab fares

NYC cab fares?
I'm going to be in NYC in a couple of months for a little vacation... My flight is coming into LGA and the apartment I've rented is on '135th and Riverside'. (I've put that in quotes because I have no idea where that actually is and don't want to look like a clown if it's not the way anyone in the city would say an address.) Anyway, I'm wondering what an approximate cab fare would be for that distance. Thanks!
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Your going to have to pay like 100 dollars. I went from Manhattan to JFK for a vacation and it was like that much.
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Holly, Cabs from the airport charge no more than 40 dollars from airport to Manhattan. That's what is was when I was there last year. I went from LGA to 24th and 7th. It may have changed though. I'd call and check.
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you are not going to pay 100 dollars it will be like 40 or 50 the most... just one thing though,,, make sure the rate is set to 1 becaue if the rate is higher than 1 they wil cheat you out of your money.. they set it to 2 when they pick people up from the airport because they wouldnt know anything about the fare and all. so look at the machine where it tells you your price and you should see something that says rate and it should have a 1 anything else get into another cab.
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Here is the website that give info regarding NYC Taxi Cab fares: Hope this helps!
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You will pay $30-$40 dollars. Laguardia airport is not far from Manhattan at all, however when you cross the Bridge you will in Midtown (59th Street) on the East Side. Then you need to go all the way up to 135th Street to the West Side, that's far like 15 minutes (if no much traffic). Ask the cab to go through the bridge, not through the tunnel (is less expensive). Also make sure your taxi driver goes to the west side through Central park. Some of them are bad and they can take worse ways to get to your destination and it will cost you more. Ask him to go thorugh the park on 86th or 96th Street, and take the FDR right after the bridge.
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When you arrive at LGA, find the taxi cab stand outside of the baggage claim. There may be a line. Just wait on it. DO NOT go with just any guy walking around the terminal asking if you need a taxi. They will rip you off. Get in a Yellow Cab. At the taxi line they will hand you a paper with approximate fares listed according to boroughs and neighborhoods. It will also have your taxi's ID number on it, in case you run into any problems. Saying "135th and Riverside" should be fine. Your best route is to take the Triboro Bridge from LGA airport, even though there will be a $4 toll, it is the most DIRECT route. If you try to avoid the toll, you might even pay more for all the extra driving the cab will have to do. Taking the 59th St Bridge will add several miles to your trip. The Triboro Bridge leaves you on 125th St, rather than below Central Park. If you decide to agree to pay the Triboro Toll, make sure he takes you into Manhattan, not thru a "short cut" in the Bronx. I am guessing the fare will be between $20-$30, but that is my approximation. I wouldn't recomment the $45 flat rate. LGA is very close to Harlem. The fares on the pamphlets they give out at the airport are usually accurate, but it all depends on traffic.
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Holly, 135th and Riverside drive is in Manhattan (Harlem) so the Flat Yellow Taxi Rate should apply & Tolls (4.00 for the Triboro Bridge). I believe the flat rate is 45 so the trip is 50 Plus throw in 10-15% Tip. all togrther $55-60. The driver should get on the Grand Central Pkwy (at the Airport) and then go straight over the Triboro bridge. He will exit the Bridge and probably travel west on 125th St till ge gets near your destination. Then 10 blocks North to 135th. The trip should take from 35-50 min. I may get in trouble for asking this question, but do you understand that your apartment is in a section that I remember as being 'not a good neighborhood'. I'll admit that I have not been back there since college, but B'way up at 135th was one tough neighborhood.
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Cab should be 35 flat rate, plus tolls and tip. I agree with an above poster, did you see the apartment before you rented it? And did you see it at night? Thats not in a great neighborhood. But either way, should run you about 50 bucks. And as with another poster, MAKE SURE ITS A YELLOW CAB...not just a dollar cab, they'll rip you off.

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