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Riverside to LAX transportation option

Riverside to LAX transportation option?
i live around riverside CA and i have a flight out of LAX i dont want to bring my car because of parkin and everything is there like a bus or train that can get me from riverside to LAX
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1 :
Of course there are buses that'll take you.
2 :
I am not sure from where in Riverside will you start. but you can reach LAX from Riverside Downtown Station by taking the following Ride Metrolink 91 Line (UNION STA VIA FULLERTON) heading south From: RIVERSIDE DOWNTOWN STATION/4066 VINE ST Lv: 02:24PM To: UNION STATION/800 N ALAMEDA ST Ar: 04:00PM The Flyaway Union Station from PATSAOURAS PLAZA/BUS BAY 9 will take you to LAX. Flyway are available once in half an hour. Check the timings of the route @
3 :
dont you have a friend or family member who could drop u off or u could uses flyaway but i hate doin that
4 :
Yeah, take the Metrolink (Riverside line) from Riverside to LA Union Station. From Union Station, the Flyaway bus will take you directly to all LAX terminals.

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