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Which scanner frequencies should I use

Which scanner frequencies should I use?
We just recently moved into the Dayton Ohio area (on the Riverside area near Wright-Patterson). I have a scanner, and was looking up the frequencies for this area online. There are so many, I don't even know where to start! I would like the main frequencies for the Air Force Security Police, the Flight Line area, and for the main civilian police/fire/ambulance in this area (around Dayton/Riverside/Beavercreek). NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT REFER ME TO A WEBPAGE (unless it only has a few frequencies), AS I HAVE ALREADY LOOKED AT THEM AND THERE ARE TOO MANY. I NEED SPECIFIC NUMBERS. :-) Thanks in advance!
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Its impossible to provide complete info for your request with out giving you links. The web sites are your data, and you pick out the ones that match what your requesting. Scanner web sites are just not that narrow in scope we want to know everything about a system. If you don't have an interest in fire, then you just skip over that data. The users at: Can assist you with if even more...... Starting here: Dayton operate on a 800MHz trunked system, so your scanner must support 800MHz Motorola scanning. Most current models support this, its analog at this time. If you have or purchase a scanner which supports control channel only mode then you only need to program in a max of 4 frequencies to monitor the system. Otherwise you will need to program in all the frequencies (NOT the same as channels or talkgroups that you listen to) to hear the system. Look in your manual for "control channel only mode." BCT15, BCT8, BCD996, BCT396 all support this mode. Others may as well. Then you have to program in the talkgroups or channels for to actually hear things. Frequencies for the system: 856.2125 857.2125 858.2125 859.2125 860.2125 856.4625 857.4625 858.4625 859.4625 860.4625 856.7125 857.7125 858.7125 859.7125 860.7125 856.9625 857.9625 858.9625 859.9625 860.9625 Find the one that has the constant buzzing noise, thats the control channel. Use it to program if you have support for CC only mode. To hear them: For fire: 36848 FIRE DISPATCH 36880 FIRE OPS 50 36912 FIRE OPS 2A 36944 FIRE OPS 51 36976 FIRE OPS 52 37008 FIRE OPS 3A 37040 FIRE OPS 53 37072 FIRE OPS 54 37104 FIRE OPS 4A 37136 FIRE OPS 55 37168 FIRE SPECIAL EVENTS 37200 FIRE OPS 5A 37232 FIRE - POLICE COMMON 38512 RIVERSIDE MEDIC 5 38896 RIVERSIDE FIRE/EMS - ADMINISTRATION To hear the WPAFB, they also using trunking and this type needs to programmed in a specific way. SYSTEM: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base TYPE: Motorola Type II UHF SYSID: 2b1c FREQUENCY NOTES: For programming, frequencies must programmed in the following order: 406.3500 406.5500 407.1500 407.3500 407.9500 408.7500 408.9500 409.5500 409.7500 409.9500 Set Base frequency - 406.3500 Set Offset - 50 KHz 1008 88th Air Base Wing Flight Line 1040 Security Chat 1072 Flight Line 1136 Flight Line 8016 Security 1 8048 Security 2 11024 Security Chat 11056 Security Chat 11088 Security Chat 592 Fire/Medic 1 656 Fireground 688 Fireground 208 HazMat ? 272 Structure 1 (Fireground) 304 Structure 2 (Fireground) 336 Structure 3 (Fireground) 368 Structure 4 (Fireground)

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