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What's the most inexpensive way to fly out for Christmas

What's the most inexpensive way to fly out for Christmas?
I go to school in Orlando, FL and my family is in Riverside, CA. (So I'd be flying into Ontario or LAX.) Christmas is the only time of year I get to see them. Last year I was able to take off work for 2 weeks during Christmas Break so flights were significantly cheaper. This year, however, I am not getting time off. Christmas is on a Friday and I have weekends off. I could fly out late night Wednesday (the 23rd) and return late night Sunday (the 27th) or early morning Monday (the 28th). This is going to be VERY expensive. Is there any way of flying cheaper this time of year? I really need to see my family (I just got engaged last month... they know, but haven't seen me since last Christmas!), but can't afford a $500+ flight! Yeah... it's Christmas time and student flights (even booked MONTHS in advanced) are $500+. Cheapest is $511 and really we can't afford that for a 3 day trip. =/
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hi, always buy tickets in advance few months and see if you have any additional discounts from your previous traveling tickets cheers
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Actually, you can fly cheaper if you are a college student. Some airlines offer discounts as much as 30 percent- its the only way I can afford to fly. Also, I sometimes take flightswith grizzly 14 hour lay-overs, because I save A LOT. (And get my homework done while I wait).
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you just have to compare compare compare. there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely give you the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it's very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online... otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. good luck.

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